Michael School

Work hard, aim high, have fun!

Welcome to our website.

Michael School is a small school with big learning experiences.

It is an exciting place to learn with times to be calm when we need them. We learn in a variety of ways and enjoy lots of different activities. Our learning means something to us and is fun and motivating. Pupils and staff aim high and try to do their best. We know that if we work hard our achievements will be celebrated. It is a place where we take risks and are not afraid to fail.

Michael School is a happy and caring place where everyone is welcome.

It is a place where everyone is different and is important. We understand that we are all good at different things and together we can achieve more.

We are part of a school family and Michael School is the beating heart of our village.

We are proud to be members of Michael School. Whatever we do in the future, and wherever we do it, we know that we have been prepared for life.


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Venture Centre- Day 1
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Despite the typical Venture Centre weather to start our visit with Year 6 yesterday, the afternoon certainly perked up for everyone! The Mooragh Park Lake was the perfect setting for lots of fun on the water.... kayaks, canoes and even stand-up paddle boards were on the agenda and everyone had a wo…

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