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Here are some of the best online learning platforms with activities and resources to help you with learning at home! Please note that, as all of these websites are online and owned by people other than Michael School, we advise you to explore them and ensure you are happy before allowing your children to have access to them.

Literacy Links:

The Literacy Shed is an amazing website featuring lots of animations and short films, along with questions and projects based on them. A fantastic learning site which we often use in school with the children.

Pobble 365 is another website we use in school to generate creative writing! Each day the site features a wonderful picture along with some key learning prompts and questions which can be discussed at home.

Oxford Owl is a website which is free for parents to register on at the moment. You can access lots of online texts and resources to complete with your child and the e-books are all linked to colour bands and levels so you will be able to access the right ones for your child.

Newsround is a great website to support reading whilst also keeping up to date with what's happening in the World. The stories on there are also presented in a way which is appropriate for children.

Phonics Play is fantastic for children in Reception to Year 2 and is free for parents to access during the school closures. This will help your child with spelling and reading so a wonderful website to use!

The Book Trust website has lots of read-along books and activities, including learning how to draw character illustrations and quizzes!

Classroom Secrets Kids is free to sign up to at the moment and gives you access to resources and learning activities differentiated by age across the whole primary range. Includes comprehension and phonics too... It also includes free home learning packs for literacy and maths by year group and they are fantastic!

Maths Links:

White Rose Maths is the website I emailed to you which covers maths using the mastery approach, like we do in school now. Lots of resources organised by age and also with accompanying presentations and videos to show you the methods to use too. Amazing!

The Maths Shed is full of different types of maths learning and activities which should appeal to everyone. Enjoy!

Nrich is a website featuring lots of maths puzzles and problems which will really make you think and challenge you...

Top Marks is for every curriculum area but particularly good for maths. You just need to select 'maths' in the subject area, along with your child's age, then look for the area of learning that you want! It's particularly great for times table games.

Times Tables is perfect for practising consolidating your times table knowledge- remember to keep those skills sharp and your multiplication fact knowledge will help you in so many areas of maths!

P.E. Links:

It's really important for us all to keep physically healthy too while we are at home, so here are some of our favourite sites...

The P.E. shed gives you lots of ideas of games and activities to try...

Go Noodle is one of our favourites in school! You'll have to sign up but then all the resources are free to access.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is one which Mrs D our resident yogi recommends!

Other areas of learning:

BBC Bitesize has links to all areas of learning with resources suitable for ages 5-11 in most areas. They are also starting online lessons for english and maths from April 20th 2020 so please explore this site!

Stem website has lots of ideas to engage your child in science, technology, engineering and maths. Try some of the activities with your child if they love making, exploring and experimenting!

Manx Wildlife Trust website has some wonderful activities to complete while you are 'safe at home' so why not try some?

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Hello everyone! As you know, home learning is very important at the moment, so please check here for all the information you need along with links to class pages. We think this fabulous photo sent in by Mr Mooney really sums up what home learning is like…

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