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Daffodil Class home learning Click on the Daffodil to sign in to our class page on ItsLearning. This is where we will put our topic links.

Week beginning 15.6.20

Week beginning 18/5/20

Home Learning - week beginning 4/5/20

Daffodil Home Learning

Home Learning - week beginning 27/4/20

Daffodil home learning

The Mystery of the Missing Kit

Spelling list Year 5/6

White Rose Hub - Week 1 activity

Home Learning - week beginning 20/4/20

Daffodil home learning week beginning 20/4/20

Perimeter printable

Outdoor Maths Challenges

Visit https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/edu/learn/project/make-an... for more information on the Touchdown Challenge.

LEGO_Challenge_600x464.jpg?m=1585138405 I know how much you all love Lego so why not try the 30 Day Lego Challenge! Send me your photos on ItsLearning and I will create a class gallery!

Come back soon for more home learning activities!

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Home Learning

Hello everyone! As you know, home learning is very important at the moment, so please check here for all the information you need along with links to class pages. We think this fabulous photo sent in by Mr Mooney really sums up what home learning is like…

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Week beginning 15.6.20

White Rose Hub week 6 Sheet 1 White Rose Hub week 6 Sheet 2 White Rose Hub week 6 Sheet 3 White Rose Hub week 6 Sheet 4 Olympic Logo design …

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Week beginning 18/5/20

Design your own planet White Rose Hub Maths Lesson 1 - Area of rectangles White Rose Hub Maths Lesson 2 - Equivalent Fractions White Rose Hub Maths Lesson 3 - Convert between improper and mixed numbers White Rose Hub Maths Lesson 4 - Compare and order fractions less than 1

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