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Hello everyone! As you know, home learning is very important at the moment, so please check here for all the information you need along with links to class pages.

We think this fabulous photo sent in by Mr Mooney really sums up what home learning is like for everyone at the minute.

It's either a trick of the camera or maybe we need to count how many Mooney boys there are in our school! We thought there were two but maybe they are taking turns to come each day...

Guided Reading Prompt Questions. These may be useful when you are sharing books with your children. As a very rough guide, Reception and Year 1 children should look at the Level 1 prompts, Year 2 children at Level 2, Years 3 and 4 look at Level 3 and Years 5 and 6 look at Level 4 and perhaps Level 5.






Oxford Owl - A wonderful collection of free e-books to read at home.

BBC Bitesize Maths KS1 - BBC Bitesize Key Stage 1 Maths

BBC Bitesize English KS1 - BBC Bitesize Key Stage 1 English

BBC Bitesize Maths KS2 - BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2 Maths


BBC Bitesize KS@ English - BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2 English

Pobble 365 - Pobble 365 is full of thought provoking images which are often used in school to inspire writing.

Literacy Shed - Literacy Shed is the home of visual literacy!

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What is the IPC? The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum for 5-12 year olds, with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for international mindedness and for pe…

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Links to fantastic online learning resources!

Here are some of the best online learning platforms with activities and resources to help you with learning at home! Please note that, as all of these websites are online and owned by people other than Michael School, we advise you to explore them and ensure you are happy before allowing your child…

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Poppy Class

Summer Term Week 6 Home Learning (week commencing 25th May) Reception Week 6 Home Learning Reception Week 6 Sheets Phonics air booklet Phonics ure booklet Year 1 Week 6 Home Learning Year 1 Week 6 Sheets Year 1 Maths Lesson 1 Year 1 Maths Lesson 2 Year 1 Maths Lesson 3 …

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Wonderful Well-being!

It's a really unusual time isn't it? Our well-being is now more important than ever so please take a look at the things on this page. A huge thank you to Mrs Smith for looking after all of our well-being! How is Your Self-Esteem? Self-esteem means you mostly feel good about yourself. Children with…

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Daisy Class

Here are the home learning ideas for Summer Week 2- beginning 27th April 2020 Home_Learning_27th_April.pdf Year_2_Week_2_Home_Learning_Pack.pdf Year_3_Week_2_Home_Learning_Pack.pdf Baking_Bread_Comic_Strip.pdf Baking_Bread_Questions.pdf How_to_trap_a_.pdf Here are the home learning ideas for Summer…

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Bluebell Class

Click below to download and see the learning ideas for Summer term week 2- beginning 27th April 2020.. Bluebell home learning Year_3_Spring_Block_2_Step_2_RPS_Equivalent_Lengths_m_and_cm.pdf Year_3_Spring_Block_2_Step_2_VF_Equivalent_Lengths_m_and_cm.pdf Year_4_Spring_Block_2_Step_2_RPS_Kilometres.…

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Daffodil Class

Click on the Daffodil to sign in to our class page on ItsLearning. This is where we will put our topic links. Home Learning - week beginning 4/5/20 Daffodil Home Learning Home Learning - week beginning 27/4/20 Daffodil home learning The Mystery of the Missing Kit Spelling list Year 5/6 White Rose H…

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Fuchsia Class

Click below to download and see the learning ideas for Summer term week 1... FuchsiaWeek1.pdf

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Mrs Riley's challenge of the week

Challenge 5: Pleased Two-Metre you! (pleased to meet you!) For a while, we are going to need to make sure we are using social distancing to keep ourselves safe. This got me thinking- what does two metres actually look like? To help you stay at a safe distance from other people when you are outside…

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